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units clothes box with rod 50x60x137 cm at CHF 15.00
units crockery box 50x50x75 cm at CHF 7.30
units laundry box 50x50x35 cm at CHF 3.50
units book box 50x30x35 cm at CHF 3.00
units wine box for 12 bottles at CHF 7.00
units picture box 85x70x20 cm at CHF 8.50
units lamp box 70x70x50 cm at CHF 9.00
units mattress box 90x200x20 cm at CHF 16.00
units mattress protection cover 90x200 cm at CHF 5.00
units mattress protection cover 180x200 cm at CHF 8.00
units adhesive tape 50 mm at CHF 4.50
units adhesive tape 20 mm at CHF 4.00
packets tissue paper per kg at CHF 5.00

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